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Latest News February 2011 !!!!
Yes, another CD....I've been very busy these last couple of years!

"Robbies Redux" is my newest CD creation. It's an original Rock 'n' Roll album along the lines of Steely Dan and John Mayer. Nine vocal tunes with great singing, melodies, and thoughtful lyrics. I brought in some great singers, Dave Forman, and Dave Wechsler. The CD is an expression of love, completion of the past, what I am up to in the present, and what my future may look like.

The CD is also the debut CD for my new band "Redux", which will be performing in the near future.

$16.00 (Includes shipping, tax, and handling)

Latest News October 2010 !!!

I am very excited to announce the release of my new jazz CD "3/4 A Lot of the Time, A Tribute To Bill Evans". I am joined on the CD by two very talented and accomplished musicians, Judy Butterfield on vocals, and Paul Avrutin on bass. You can check out samples by clicking on the link above. If you like jazz, you will like this CD. We worked very hard to capture the beauty and subtle nuances of Bill's playing translated to guitar, voice, and bass. We chose nine tunes from the standard jazz repertoire exemplifying Bill's approach.

"Anyone who plays solo jazz guitar knows what a juggling act it can be to keep a tune fresh, adding different parts and improvising as you play. Rob does this beautifully"....Eric Elias (Just Jazz Guitar magazine)

"To these ears, "3/4 A Lot Of The Time", goes further than pay tribute to Bill Evans. It likewise celebrates the quest common to those who strive to unite creative expression with heightened knowledge of self. The music heard here is imbued with this spirit and this is what makes it a compelling, satisfying, and stimulating listening experience"....Carlos Figueroa (Music journalist)

  $16.00 (Includes shipping, tax, and handling)
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